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India Hill

Lover of words.

Freelance Writer for, Sesi Magagzine and more. Book blogger. Natural Hair Enthusiast. Former Newsie. Jesus Lover and Southern Belle :)

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11 blue ivy article
Teen Vogue

12 Notable Faces in Beyoncé's "Lemonade" Video | Teen Vogue

The casting was absolutely intentional.

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Teen Vogue

8 Awesome Black Female Authors on the Books That Inspired Them

Put them all on your reading list....

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Teen Vogue

6 YouTubers Share Their Favorite Curly Hair Products

From cleansers to deep conditioners....

Gettyimages 543239078 article
Teen Vogue

10 Things You NEED to See From Last Night's BET Awards | Teen Vogue

From Beyoncé to Jesse Williams...

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Teen Vogue

Quiz: What Is the Best Hair Product for Your Texture?

The perfect guide for your next shopping trip....

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Favorite Beauty Bloggers on YouTube – byDevan

10 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Know About. India Hill @TheReddBandit August 25, 2014. 10 Beauty Vloggers You Need to Know About. 0. Share. 0. Tweet. 0....

Sesi Magazine

The Shy Girl’s Guide to Flyin’ Solo at Prom

Ok, so maybe you didn’t work up the guts in time to ask bae and now he’s taking someone else. Or, maybe you don’t even have a crush right now at all. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to roll dol…...

Open uri20160506 4550 1p4tjse article

Viewpoint: How is natural, African-American hair viewed in the workplace?

What is so unnatural, unclean, unprofessional, dreadful and inappropriate about wearing hair in the texture in which it grows out of your scalp?...